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Adventure Bike Training, East Anglia

Kevin Hammond - Expert Off Road InstructorEnhance your skills and boost confidence with flexible, off road training

Off the beaten track: Kevin Hammond – Expert Off Road Instructor

An enthusiasm for adventure bike holidays and off-roading is in Kevin’s blood. As a fully trained BMW instructor, with a wealth of experience in motorbike riding in some of the most challenging environments across the globe, Kevin is well placed to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk.

Having spent years training riders of all levels in the skills and techniques necessary for safe and enjoyable adventure bike holidays, Kevin has developed a series of flexible and carefully planned courses designed to help you tackle the most challenging of off-road environments.

In addition, Kevin is also an experienced guide for GlobeBusters Worldwide Motorcycle Expeditions and Tours.

Adventure Bike TrainingFriendly, down to Earth and personable, Kevin relishes the opportunity to teach the adventure bike holiday skills he loves so much to a wide range of people – from raw novices to experienced bikers.

Kevin excels in gently encouraging people to perform past their own limits – instilling in them a more positive approach to their own riding, as well as what they and their bike are capable of.

Adventure Bike Training is not only about teaching you effective tips and techniques when it comes to motorbike handling but also emphasising the tremendous fun, excitement and sheer exhilaration to be had by those brave enough to leave the beaten track.

Kevin is also proud to be a certified agent for both Metal Mule Panniers and Continental Tyres.

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