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Richard Palmer, January 2017

Thanks for the two day course I attended. I can honestly say it was the most challenging and rewarding activity I have done on a motorbike in my 25 years of riding.

The XTZ has now been off road (only a few times mind) but I managed to find a couple of local lanes and explored them before it turned to wet and boggy down here. I did it on the original tyres which had seen better days for road use but we had a go anyway and made it through. I have now fitted some MITAS E07 which are 50/50 on road off road but haven’t had a chance to try them out yet off road.

I would not have attempted any of this without your tuition. I would also like to say thanks to your wife for the wonderful food and hospitality she provided.

Ian Beidaman, May 2016

The opportunity to have a bespoke 1:1 day dedicated to improving my off road riding skills was amazing.

A fantastic facility, friendly approachable staff and great local tracks and trails to ride.

Sally Kelly, May 2016

sally photosopHaving always wanted to learn some off road riding skills, I was absolutely delighted to discover Adventure Bike Training and Kevin Hammond, less than one hour’s drive from me, in a most beautiful part of north Norfolk.

The facilities at ABT are highly organised and first rate, and that, combined with such a brilliant and natural trainer, must be impossible to beat, wherever you are in the country.

Kevin has the patience of a saint. Whether you’re a complete novice or and experienced dirt rider, I am completely confident that ABT would facilitate getting you to an advanced skill level in the shortest possible time, whether in a group or one-to-one.

I’ve also been hugely impressed with Kevin’s eagle eye, which he uses for spotting , and then adjusting tiny tweaks to both the bike and the riding position. Who would have thought that these small adjustments could make such a difference and inspire confidence. And confidence inspiring really does capture the spirit of ABT.

Absolutely top marks and a top bloke!


Steve Raher, April 2016

photoshop 2Thank you! An amazing weekend, superb facilities. Debbie and Kevin are wonderful hosts and the B&B accommodation, food and comfort is first class!

I can’t believe how much I learnt in two days. We are planning a 7 month trip from Ushuaia to Vancouver in a few months time and this weekend has been invaluable.

Having never ridden off road before in 35 years of biking, I was initially nervous but Kev’s laid back style and amazing experience meant I learnt quickly and my confidence grew very quickly. Practical training covered low speed control and off road skills on grass, tracks and steep hills both one up and with my wife as pillion.

We did the maintenance course on the second day and it was so practical and focused on the specific trip we are undertaking.

In addition, Kev’s global bike travelling experience meant he gave us loads of individual tips and guidance.

Absolutely fantastic weekend- I would 100% recommend it to anyone who plans adventure bike travelling or just wants a fun biking weekend.


Tim Bedborough, April 2016

IMG_0294As a complete novice to off road riding, I signed up for a two day introductory course plus bike hire.

What a quality experience and delightful people.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself, learned lots of stuff and keen to take the next step.

I can recommend ABT to anyone thinking adventure riding might be for them.

Very good, Gold star 10/10



Paul Carter at Adventure Bike TrainingPaul Carter, February 2016

I’ve just spent two days on a one-to-one course with Kevin at Adventure Bike Training.

Having had ten years road riding experience and zero time off road I thought it was time I dipped my toe into the water, especially since venturing into the adventure bike market three years ago and still getting colly wobbles at the thought of a gravel car park. I contacted Kevin and let him know what I’d like to achieve – to alleviate the fear of the unknown.

We started the first half of day one with how to lift the bike correctly and finding the balance point of the bike. We then quickly moved onto riding the bike in circuits in the training area, learning both throttle and clutch skills that are required to use the machine at slow speeds. Before I knew it Kevin had me doing circuits on one leg with only one hand on the bars to jumping off an 18” curb (believe me it feels a lot higher atop a gs 1200).

Then it was lunch, which was cooked by the lovely Debs, Kevin’s better half. This was served in the school room with a hot cuppa and a good chin wag. The food was fantastic and just what was needed after an energetic morning.

The afternoon started with us leaving the training area and hitting the great outdoors. Kevin took us to one of the many fields to which he has access to try out hill climbs and descents. After a couple of attempts, with me using the tips I’d been given in the morning of the right and wrong way to lift the bike up off the floor, I was almost gracefully hurtling myself up and down some steep inclines.

Paul Carter at Adventure Bike TrainingThe day culminated in Kevin taking me down some rut covered muddy track where, if I’m honest, my talent soon ran out. After a lot of sweat, swearing and laughter we made our way back to the school room for a cup of tea and a slice of cake.

Day two started with a warm up at the on-site training area and then onto breaking techniques. The confidence that’s built from slamming the back break on and skidding for 10’ is immense, the fear of doing this with your front break only is equally immense! My worry was that I wouldn’t know when to ease off the breaks but in Kevin’s words:

You’ll have the Oh **** feeling and leave go of the front break… don’t worry self preservation steps in and you’ll be ok.”

From there we went back to the field to do more hill climbs and descents and to tackle ruts. Again Kevin explained everything and before I knew it I was riding up and down the ruts with only a few, what I can only describe as, rests along the way.

We then tackled water crossings, and I’m proud to say that through listening intently to Kevin’s guidance (and trust me you do listen intently when the option could be trying to drag both yourself and drowned bike out the water) I made it through two separate crossing with nothing but clean boots to show for it!

Then back for lunch, again cooked wonderfully by Debs.

We finished the day off with a long ride out on mud and gravel tracks and my newfound talent didn’t let me down. The only things that touched terra firma were the tires!!

I had a great time on the course and came away with the confidence to tackle muddy tracks and gravel roads, which is exactly what I went for.

Kevin is a fantastic teacher, very calm and patient. He takes you well out of your comfort zone, but if you’re willing to trust and listen to him you’ll get a huge amount out of the course.

Thanks Kevin for the confidence and thanks Debs for the great grub!!

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